Lavaux – terraced vineyards with three suns

Lavaux is very famous for its terraced vineyards dating back to the 12th century. It became one of UNESCO's world heritage sites in 2007, together with Bordeaux town. The slope planting is the important factor for producing the superior wine quality. First of all it is very beneficial to the soil water discharge, meanwhile a small quantity of moisture in the soil promote the accumulation of sugar in the grapes and other substances during the maturity process. The south facing slopes allow the vineyards to absorb more sunshine. Lavaux benefits from a temperate climate, but the southern aspect of the terraces with the reflection of the sun on the lake and the stone walls gives a Mediterranean character to the region. The beautiful Lake Leman and the majestic Alps mountains add more colour in such a magnificent landscape.

As the ancient poems say : « Our sun, warm and kind, the beautiful lake is his mirror, once again warms the vineyards. Even the surrounding stone walls also changed their cold characters, always warm, to protect their lovely vineyards ».



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