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Visitors welcome at our cellars by appointment.
Languages spoken: French, German, English, Chinese (on request).


Since 2001, I am heading the family-run business that dates back five hundred years, tending a 3.5-hectare vineyard at Rivaz at the heart of the Lavaux wine country.

I’m seeking to develop my own style, showcasing the various terroirs and micro-climates as well as exploring vinification in oak barrels and blending different grape varieties. My top-of-the-range wines have acquired an international reputation, in particular thanks to gold and silver medals won in international contests recognised by the Paris International Wine Office (OIV).

Rivaz, may 2013



En Bons Voisins 17 - 1071 Rivaz (Lavaux)
Tél: 021 946 15 57. Email:


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