Take the lakeside road from Lausanne or Vevey and then the road to Sallaz past the Auberge de Rivaz. From the centre of Rivaz, take Rue de Bons Voisins. Our house is at the top of this road on the left, at a crossroads. There are a number of signs to our business. Alternatively, take the motorway and exit at Chexbres. Go down to Chexbres and through the village towards Vevey. As you leave Chexbres, take a tight bend to the right, leading you down the hillside through the vineyards. Follow the incline downwards to Rivas, where we live. Our house is on your right. There are signs to the way in. We look forward to seeing you !

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En Bons Voisins 17 - 1071 Rivaz (Lavaux)
Tél: 021 946 15 57. Email:


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